About the Rockwool Group

Rockwool is the world leader in the production of non-combustible insulation on the basis of stone wool.

In the Rockwool Group includes units engaged in the production of thermal insulation (Rockwool), acoustic ceilings (Rockfon), an artificial soil for growing vegetables and flowers (Grodan), special technical fibers (Lapinus), decorative front panels (Rockpanel), anti-vibration panels for railway roads and road noise isolation (Rockdelta). A subsidiary BuildDesk provides consulting services in energy efficiency of buildings.

Founded in 1909, the production of insulation under the brand name Rockwool began in 1937. Currently owned by Rockwool 26 plants in 17 countries in Europe, North America and Asia. Group Sales Offices are located in all 21 countries.

State of the Rockwool Group has more than 8.5 thousand professionals in 35 countries. Elko is the President of the Van Hill (Eelco van Heel).

The central office, main business units, departments of Environmental Protection and Research Center of the company are in Hedehusene (Denmark).

More than seventy-year experience in Rockwool allows the fullest to meet the needs of consumers worldwide. The priority of the Group is the constant development of know-how. To that end product testing annually, the study by independent experts, improved production technologies.

Group sales up 1.5 billion euros per year. The company’s shares are part of a pan-European stock index Dow Jones Stoxx 600 Index.