How to use equipment for spraying polyurethane

Equipment for spraying polyurethane allow to obtain high-performance foam insulation directly on the building site. The plants can be used as a mobile version and placed in the shop as a stationary casting machine.

A wide range of foam generators for the polyurethane foam combines a single principle — is a modern, reliable, industrial equipment business class. The main purpose is to spray foam equipment. Foam insulation is the most effective way of insulation material (like Rockwool)  has a low coefficient of thermal conductivity, does not absorb moisture, biologically inactive (does not rot, does not collapse).

Polyurethane foam has several advantages: low thermal conductivity, good adhesion to any substrate, manufacturability (PUR foaming occurs after the mixing of two components). Typically, the primary use of polyurethane foam — is the construction industry.

1) Thermal insulation with polyurethane foam for construction and major repairs of residential and industrial buildings, private houses and cottages. It uses ready-made elements (plate, bar, sandwiches), or the production of polyurethane foam spraying technology is carried out directly on the site:

  • Thermal insulation of external walls with polyurethane foam for painting or plaster facade or cladding;
  • Internal foam insulation between the rails (with a follow-lined drywall or other panels);
  • External heat and moisture penopoleuretanom roof;
  • Internal and external insulation of pitched roofs (spray foam between the rails and then hiding place);
  • PUF insulation of attics and / or basements (insulation coating on the floor or ceiling);
  • thermal insulation of walls;
  • insulation of facades;
  • Insulation of the roof;
  • Thermal insulation of buildings.

2) Insulation foam object storage products (vegetable storage, grain storage, potato, cold stores) through the seamless application of polyurethane foam, including application of foam on the walls and ceilings of structures made of corrugated board.

3) Construction of pre-industrial and civil facilities with the use of panels of the «sandwich» with polyurethane foam insulation.

4) Facing residential buildings with insulation foam thermopanels and decorative ceramic tiles. Another major area of ​​application of polyurethane foam, this pipeline. In addition, for pipe insulation is used as a ready-shell foam (PUF-production of shells by the shop floor) and directly to the production of polyurethane foam on site by spraying or pouring:

  • eggshell foam (insulating shell) to reduce thermal losses in the network of settlements;
  • Foam insulation piping hot and cold water with a new gasket, or if major repairs;
  • insulation foam drainage and sewage pipes;
  • thermal insulation of pipes, oil and oil by drawing seamless urethane foam;
  • application of polyurethane foam on the oil tanks;
  • thermal insulation of pipelines at the sites of chemistry by pouring a pre-assembled housing;
  • thermal insulation of pipes;
  • Waterproofing of buildings;
  • Waterproofing of the roof;
  • Waterproofing of floors;
  • insulation of pipelines;
  • Insulation of pipes (using ready-shell foam and insulation of polyurethane foam, or spray foam or foam filling under the pre-mounted enclosure).