Main indicators of the insulation quality

Quality insulated structures is defined as the level of heat-shielding properties and their stability throughout the construction operation. One of the major factors affecting the heat-shielding properties of structures, is the quality of insulation products .

Modern insulation products like Rockwool are characterized by quality indicators set out in EN 13162. This standard operates in Europe and applies to all insulation products made of mineral wool.

Standard EN 13162 defines six key properties that must be declared insulation materials manufacturers, regardless of in which the design is applied the material.

The six most important properties of insulating materials:

Thermal conductivity

The most important characteristic of insulating materials, which are required to declare all manufacturers. At the same time declare the rate of thermal conductivity (lambda) resulting from continuous monitoring by means of statistical analysis. Such a method provides an objective value of the coefficient of thermal conductivity (lambda). In this case, the index is derived from multiple measurements and is stable for the given conditions of production. This approach is used throughout the world.

The geometrical dimensions: length, width, thickness

Products that do not actually have the stated size, do not provide the expected characteristics of the heat-shielding design.

Squareness and flatness

Products that do not have the correct form of a rectangle and a flat surface, when installed in the design may form air pockets and gaps. In these gaps circulates cold air, cooling the inside of the structure and, consequently, the premises.

Dimensional stability

Whatever time of year (temperature and humidity conditions) the product, when installed in a structure, shall retain its original shape and dimensions. Otherwise, the continuity and uniformity of the insulation layer structure will be broken and, therefore, deteriorate and heat-shielding properties of the structure.

Tensile strength

The product must be able to double its own weight, ie during installation to maintain its integrity.


AntiFire characteristics of the product must ensure the safety of a specific object in a specific design.